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Felix Holub

Postdoc, Goethe University Frankfurt
PhD in Economics, University of Mannheim
MA in Economics, CEMFI

If you are a student looking to meet with me, you can find my availability and schedule a meeting here.


Killing Prescriptions Softly: Low Emission Zones and Child Health from Birth to School
American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 2024
with Hannah Klauber, Nicolas Koch, Nico Pestel, Nolan Ritter, and Alexander Rohlf
IZA Discussion Paper
Media: Ärztezeitung, Focus, Spiegel

Pro-environmental voting when climate change is made salient: Evidence from high-resolution flooding data
PLOS Climate, 2023
with Matthias Schündeln

Social Benefits and Private Costs of Driving Restriction Policies: The Impact of Madrid Central on Congestion, Pollution, and Consumer Spending
Journal of the European Economic Association, 2023
with Jose Enrique Galdon-Sanchez, Ricard Gil, and Guillermo Uriz-Uharte
Working Paper
Media: El Confidencial, Nada es Gratis Blog

The Effect of Clean Air on Pharmaceutical Expenditures
Economics Letters, 2020
with Alexander Rohlf, Nicolas Koch, and Nolan Ritter
Media: Ärzteblatt, Ärztezeitung, Bayerischer Rundfunk, Bayern 2 Radio, Medical Tribune

Working Papers

Urban Air Pollution and Sick Leaves: Evidence from Social Security Data
Working Paper
with Laura Hospido and Ulrich Wagner

Air Quality, Knowledge Worker Performance, and Adaptation: Evidence from GitHub
CRC TR 224 Discussion Paper 402
with Beate Thies
Media: The Visible Hand Podcast

Gender Gaps and the Role of Bosses
CRC TR 224 Discussion Paper 237
with Moritz Drechsel-Grau

Selected Work in Progress

Gender Gaps in the ERC Evaluation Process
with Nicola Fuchs-Schündeln

Daylight, Circadian Rhythms, and Productivity
with Ingo Isphording and Beate Thies


Dr. Felix Holub
Goethe University Frankfurt
Theodor-W.-Adorno-Platz 3
60323 Frankfurt, Germany

Email: holub[at]econ[dot]uni-frankfurt[dot]de
Phone: +49 (0)69 798 33866
Office: Room 2.35, House of Finance

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